Funny How today's technology brings people together! Juan emailed me after seeing me on TV bowling. An avid bowler himself took a chance and we connected. Juan was the original bass player in the very popular 80's metal band RATT. I remember hearing them all over the radio and now because of bowling we are now good friends ! Check out his site, studio and new music!
Baltimore Alternative Band : Crushing Day. Craig, the drummer for this band is about 180avg ! They have 2 cd's out you can get off their site !!
Craig their drummer is a 180 avg bowler ! 
The first radion station to play the hard rock of the 1980s on air. Started by Kids at Dundalk High school (my High School) They were a groundbreaking radio station. They have begun a resurgence of late by the same people who started it. They now plays of course today's rock and you can listen live !!!!!!!
Baltimore's #1 rock station 

Here is where you can find the awesome site for the rare Ford Mystic Cobra. Only 1999 were made with this paint in 1996. My car is #89......

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