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Aug 10-2010

Today, Aug 10th, we all went back to see Dr. Judy Huang, the Neurosurgeon who operated on Mom and saved her life. She was elated at Mom's progress. We talked about all the many past and present issues. It's been 6 months since Mom left the hospital and Aug 11th is 1 year since the aneurysm burst.We also went to the ICU and Respiratory clinic and saw some of the nurses and doctors who helped as well. They were all happy to see Mom doing well! .All in all a wonderful day and I am proud of Mom !!!

PBA Eastern Regional Mid-County Lanes Middletown DE

Another win with Mom, Jerry and Dana in attendance ! July 31 to Aug 2nd. See the link for results ! Pic is with my Mom, and Step father Jerry.
Also a link here.


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