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2019 Danny Wiseman Youth Scholarship FINAL Payouts!!

2019 Danny Wiseman Youth Scholarship Final Compiled payouts.$33,360 for the Tournament alone! With all the side events included ( HG/WTA/Eliminator/Brackets/Fri PJBT event and High 15 game totals winner) this amounted to $38,785.00 !!! This will be deposited into the PJBT's MAPS ( Management of PJBT Scholarships) 52 of 188 cashed in Scratch and 40 of 155 in handicap cashed.That's less the 1 in 4 again this year ! Some bowlers cashed more then once as they bowled multiple squads as you will see in the event placement for the Event only sheet I put together after getting the compiled from Josh and Matt.(3rd page) Parents please keep track of your youth bowlers Scholarship earnings with all events they bowl! Sorry this took so long I had to wait for Josh and Matt to compile as they work regular jobs and have their own PJBT events every weekend. I greatly appreciate them creating this list as they do every year for each Youth bowlers earnings and it takes time. Once again I want to thank everyone for their support and see you next year ! Oct 9-11 2020.




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